Taking you behind the scene. September 21 2012, 0 Comments

Dream big and give your best. 

Mexyshop.com originally started out as a small boutique shop on Facebook back in 2009 while I was still in school. I wanted to provide clothes with simple and chic style and not overriding with extravagant high-profile looks. Clothes that can mix & match, and just have fun. Always keeping the "très chic" style, and steps lightly around the fashion traps of nowadays. Fashion is a state of mind, and you have to be comfortable in what you wear. Become the girl who has her own taste, and not being the helpless fashion victim. Be free of things that you will never wear. Be the girl who's uninterested by the all-too-obvious logos, she assimilate trends, and demands quality. Be smart about the abundance of choices these days. Look brilliant and "effortless" chic!

Here's a peek at our new office since May 2012! 

How was the business at the very beginning?

I was on Facebook all the time! All the clothes were originally from online wholesalers, I would use the provided pictures to sell. After realizing the difference between the quality and their pictures, I knew I had to personally hand select the items. Started out wholesaling from fashion markets in Taipei, photographing items, descriptions, packing orders and customer services. Flew to China and Korea for the first time exploring new items. And the busy life started. 

How do you choose the clothes & garments? 
I'd check out the fashion trends first and keeping in mind that we only need just a bit of it, not over board. Always looking for things that will look chic and simple, perhaps a bit feminine. I would ask myself, "would I wear it tonight/tomorrow?." I would also "hunt" and compare the same item in different qualities. Believe it or not, often times styles can be exactly the same but the fabric & quality is a great difference. 

What is your future plan for mexyshop.com? 
I want to bring in a chic lifestyle for our customers. Clothing is just a part of life, there are so many aspects in a girls life! Imagine dressing chic and living chic! Stay tuned on what we will offer!