About Mexy

Welcome to my shop

I would like to tell you something more about myself and the products offered.

I'll start from the very beginning...
I've been sewing since I was little
My mom taught me how to sew, when I used our old sewing machine to sew pillows and similar simple things.

Since I danced ballroom dances, I enjoyed sewing clothes for training - skirts, T-shirts, dresses. I was preparing my first haircuts at home, even though creating haircuts was a "Spanish village" for me.

I took advantage of fabric sales and played around with it at home. I actually took part in only one course at CVČ in our city, which helped me a little with the logic of clothing production.

The beginnings

I studied economics in high school and then college. In addition to my studies, I continued to dance.

I really enjoyed inventing and decorating my dresses for competitions (various rhinestones, feathers, hand-sewn appliqués), since I had an old sewing machine, I never dared to sew a dress.

I left that to the girls, who were free at that time.

First costumes

When I got older, I got a wonderful Christmas present - a new sewing machine! It was great because this machine "sewed itself".

nothing got stuck there and it was possible to sew elastic materials, which are very often used for dancing.

At that time, I danced in the Prešov dance group GRIMMY, for which I sewed 12 fringed costumes for competitions and performances.

I gained the courage to sew the first dance dress from the first thread and fabric to its finalization.

I then showed up with this dress in the dance club METEOR Košice, where I danced ballroom dances since I was a child.

They were like family to me. Besides school, I worked part-time in cafes, which was quite demanding, so I was extremely happy,

when I got the opportunity to make custom dresses for this home dance club of mine. I studied and improved for about 4 years.

I made a lot of beautiful dresses for the dancers, I even made a collaboration with a Latin dance group, for which I also made a couple of beautiful costume sets.

As in life, sometimes you need a push to move forward in life and try something of your own.

So one summer I started creating clothes with my own designs for the first time.

At first it was party dresses, skirts, bodysuits, later pocket squares for women.

I offered clothes on Sasha.sk and also on my own e-shop.

I tailored everything myself, in addition to working in an IT company, which provided me with stability.

Big decision
Doing business requires a lot of energy and time to make everything as good as possible, and you, my customers, deserve it.

After two years of double work, I said enough was enough, I made a big decision and left my stable job.

Which was a big plus, I managed to find a tailor who did the job much better.

Of course, I gave them the first cuts. Since I am a perfectionist and I like

when things are done as good as possible, after a few months we got along and it was easy for us.

The present
Today, we already offer more than 100 models for breastfeeding moms, which I am really looking forward to.

I now use the free time from my original job to invent new cuts, find suitable materials and develop this little dream of mine.

Fitness collection
I also started preparing fitness clothes, which is very close to me (since I don't have children yet).

I do a lot of sports, in my free time I train HIIT, Latinofit, I like to go out in nature, ice-skate, which includes clothes without reservation.
I have already started creating our fitness collection with my own graphics - another challenge for me - playing a little with images and Illustrator.
Every day is a new challenge for me. I have to admit that so far my biggest dream is coming true, and that is to get up in the morning and do what I enjoy.

I hope you like our clothes, you are satisfied with them and if by chance we make a mistake, I believe that you will help me get everything in the best possible shape

Thanks to you, dear customers, I can gradually develop this little dream of mine and prepare more and more beautiful and better things for you.

… Yours Martina