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General terms and conditions of the MEXY online store establishing the terms and conditions of business between the operator / seller and the customer / buyer (hereinafter referred to as "T&C")


Čermeľská 1, 04001 Košice

ID number 54254728

VAT number SK2121609567

1. The operator (seller) of the online store is the manager of MEXY FASHION s.r.o. (Invoicing address: Čermeľská 1, 04001 Košice)

2. The customer (buyer) in the online store is any natural or legal person who submits an electronic form with an order for goods (product/s or service/s).

3. When ordering as a natural person - non-entrepreneur, please state your name, surname, address where the goods are to be delivered, telephone number and e-mail. If you are purchasing as a legal entity (for a company or trade), please also state your business name, ID number, VAT ID number and billing address if it is different from the delivery address.

4. The acceptance of the goods order by the operator and thus the conclusion of the purchase contract takes place on the basis of confirmation of this correctly and completely completed order in electronic form (by e-mail) by the operator, while the operator reserves the right to subsequently adjust the price of the ordered goods (the operator therefore does not guarantee the price of the goods, which is listed on the operator's website at the time of placing the order, as it depends on changes in the supply prices of the goods in question). After sending the order, a confirmation of receipt of the order will be sent to the e-mail you entered, and later also other information about the status of your order (e.g. the order has been processed, the goods have been shipped, the goods are currently sold out, etc.). The registered customer can check the order directly in online mode on the website of the online store after logging in.

5. The place of fulfillment of the purchase contract is understood as the seat (residence) or place of business of the customer indicated in the electronic order form. The goods will be delivered by the operator using the services of third parties (contract carrier, courier service) or the operator will deliver the goods with its own resources or, based on an agreement with the customer, the goods will be prepared for delivery at the operator's premises. The delivery of the goods is carried out by handing them over to the customer or by handing over the goods for transport to the contracted carrier. Ownership of the goods is transferred to the customer upon delivery of the goods, subject to the suspensive condition of payment of the purchase amount stated in the order in full. Until the transfer of ownership rights from the operator to the customer, the customer has all the responsibilities of a custodian of things and is obliged to store the products and services safely at his own expense and mark them so that they can be identified as the operator's goods under all circumstances.

6. The operator will deliver the goods to the customer as soon as possible after receiving the electronic order form within the delivery times specified on the operator's website. The customer acknowledges that the stated delivery dates (delivery times) are indicative only. The customer agrees to extend the delivery period if the production of the ordered goods or other circumstances require it. In the event that the operator is unable to deliver all the ordered goods to the customer within the agreed deadline, he will notify the customer of this situation as soon as possible and inform him of the expected date of delivery of the ordered goods or propose the delivery of replacement goods. If the customer orders goods of non-standard dimensions or goods heavier than 30 kg, the operator will agree payment and delivery conditions with the customer individually.

7. If the goods are delivered by a contractual carrier, the customer gives the operator the right to provide the contractual carrier with the necessary personal data for the purpose of delivering the goods (name / trade name, address, telephone).

8. When taking over the goods, the customer receives a receipt of the goods, which is also a proof of payment for the goods in the case of cash on delivery payment. The proof of receipt of the goods is also a written order for the goods. The customer will receive a tax document with the calculation of the purchase price and VAT together with the ordered goods.

9. In the event that the customer does not pay and does not take over the ordered goods except in the case of damage to the goods during delivery (the shipment is returned as undeliverable without fault of the operator, e.g. if the contractual carrier did not find the addressee, did not understand about the storage of the shipment, the customer inadvertently or intentionally did not take over the shipment, etc. ), the operator may demand compensation for damage caused by a breach of duty, which is subject to a contractual penalty. In this case, the contractual penalty is set at least in the amount of the paid postage and at most in the amount of 50% of the total price of the order. The customer who did not receive the order will be sent a message by e-mail with a request for information on what to do next with his order. The customer has 7 days from the date of sending the message to respond to this request.