Dear customers,

We are excited to introduce our loyalty program that allows you to enjoy benefits with every purchase and rewards your loyalty to our brand.

How to earn loyalty points?

Customer Registration:

To earn loyalty points, it is essential to be a registered customer. If you are not registered yet, we recommend signing up before placing an order.


For every 40€ purchase, the customer earns 1 loyalty point. These points will be added to your loyalty balance once your order is processed.


In addition to purchases, you can earn loyalty points for product reviews, which you can rate in your customer account. Your experiences and feedback are valuable to us, so we reward you for every written review. You can earn points for star ratings (1 point) and for writing a review (1 point).

Photos with Our Products:

For each unique product captured in a photo, you earn 1 loyalty point. It's simple – just send us a photo featuring at least one of our recognizable products. For example, if you send us 2 photos with the same product, you'll receive 1 point. If you send 2 photos with two different products, you'll earn 2 points. Send your photos to our email or our social media, and include your registered email so we can credit your points. By sending a photo, you agree to its publication on our e-shop. :) For little ones, we recommend covering their faces, perhaps with an emoji.

To ensure you don't miss earning points:

  • Before placing an order, log in to your account so loyalty points are automatically added when processing your order.
  • If you don't see points credited after a purchase, feel free to contact us. We're here to help and ensure your points are correctly added. The value of loyalty points is €1 for each point, providing a great way to save on every purchase.

Thank you for your loyalty, and we look forward to more shared shopping experiences.

Best regards,

your Mexy.