Linen nursing blouse - wildflowers

Linen nursing blouse - wildflowers

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A linen blouse is a perfect summer item for every mother's wardrobe. More

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A linen blouse is a perfect summer item for every mother's wardrobe. More

One of the most beautiful periods in a woman's life is the period of breastfeeding, when the bond between mother and child deepens.

You will definitely welcome the practicality of nursing clothes, as you don't have to reveal yourself completely. You can discreetly feed your baby anytime - anywhere.

Thanks to the easy access, you can breastfeed very conveniently even in a scarf or carrier.

Our linen blouse provides a new solution for nursing holes - an easy discreet hidden zip that makes nursing your little one a breeze. The blouse has a modern, loose, comfortable cut able to hide the postpartum or pregnancy belly.

Size XS/S was used for the photo shoot above.

Material: 100% linen

The fabric is awarded with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate (International testing and certification system for textiles made only from health-friendly materials applied since 1992)

Linen is considered to be a noble material. As determinant of elegance, this fabric appeals to people who care about a healthy lifestyle. For our products we use washed, softened, stabilized linen.

5 reasons why you should choose linen:

Linen is durable and resistant
Thanks to the strong linen weave of the fibers, the linen fabric is resistant to stretching and friction. What's more, it can be washed at high temperatures, without worrying that the fibers will be destroyed.

Linen provides comfort on hot days
A characteristic feature of linen is its breathability. In hot weather, the skin can breathe freely.

Flax protects your health
Flax is anti-allergic and antibacterial. Ideal for allergy sufferers.

Flax ensures better sleep
Research conducted at the Natural Fiber Institute has shown that falling asleep in linen bedding allows for deeper sleep, which provides accelerated regeneration and better rest.

Flax is environmentally friendly
Flax is a natural material created from plant fibers. It is natural, completely decomposes and does not leave ecologically dangerous waste.