Return policy


The buyer is recommended to inspect the package for any damage upon receipt and payment at the post office. In case of extensive damage (torn packaging, deformations, and other significant damage), it is advised not to accept the shipment.

For complaints, the buyer should send the advertised goods to the company's headquarters address. The package must be properly packed and include: the advertised goods with accessories, a copy of the invoice, a description of the defect, and the buyer's contact information – return address, phone number, email. Send the goods either as a package or by recommended mail. Shipments sent cash on delivery will not be accepted. The advertised goods must be delivered clean and without mechanical damage.

The buyer covers the costs of transporting the complained goods from the buyer to the seller. We do not refund postage and other fees. The return shipping, after processing a valid complaint, is covered by the seller.

If a product defect occurs within the warranty period, the customer has the right to have the defect rectified.

If the product defect is irreparable, the supplier will replace the defective product with a new one or, by agreement, with a different type of product, with additional payment or a refund of the price difference.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by:

  • natural or excessive mechanical wear
  • contamination of the product or its parts due to neglect of maintenance
  • use of the product in conditions that do not match the temperature, dustiness, humidity, chemical, and mechanical influences of the environment in which the product is commonly used
  • external influences, such as falling or impact, water entering electrical parts
  • unauthorized interference with the product (unskilled repairs or modifications)
  • overvoltage, e.g., lightning strike
  • use of the product in violation of the operating instructions
  • mechanical damage - torn, cut, thermally damaged product, product damaged by careless and disproportionate physical handling, intentional scratching of product layers, etc.

The warranty also does not cover damages resulting from force majeure, natural disasters, violent damage, weather conditions, or use under extreme and unusual conditions.